JC Concrete has been completing jobs in the Southeast for the past thirty-eight years.
Below you can find pictures and information on some of those jobs.

Serrano Lofts

Serrano Lofts are luxury courtyard style apartment condominums located at 901 Abernathyin Atlanta, Georgia.

Featuring 46,500 square feet of residential and retail slab on grade, 7,700 square feet of elevated podium slabs, a pre-cast parking deck with 130,000 square feet of slab on grade and topping slabs and a 27,700 cubic foot underground waste water retention vault.

Work began at Serrano Lofts in September 2007 and is scheduled to complete in March 2009.

River Place townhomes

River Place townhomes are located at 6700 Powers Ferry Rd NW in Atlanta, Georgia.

This job includes 110,000 square feet of slab on grade split between 14 town homes and 1 clubhouse and 38,000 square feet of cast in place walls.

Work began in April 2007 and was completed in 2009.